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Traffic status updates

On this page, you will find an overview of any interruption of operation or problems with Rejsekort equipment.

17. August 2022
The deadline for registration in Check Udvej has been temporarily extended to 30 days
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7. April 2022
Check Udvej is being updatded 1PM - 3 PM
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6. April 2022
Site is is being updated 5 April from 7PM
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28. March 2022
We are experiencing problems with the Self Service
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20. December 2021
Remember to update your payment card information
17. September 2021
Information about e-mails about missing check out
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10. August 2021
Some travels west of Storebælt may be calculated incorrectly - we have begun refunds
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15. November 2020
Has your rejsekort expired?
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14. November 2020
Please check the website of your transport company before traveling.
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13. November 2020
Coronavirus: Please follow the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations
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