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rejsekort Rejsekort with commuter area

With a commuter area added to your Rejsekort, you will get a Rejsekort and a Commuter Pass in one. We call it Rejsekort with commuter combination.

You will prepay in order to commute at a fixed price in your chosen zones for a selected period. You may also travel outside your commuter area with all the benefits of a Rejsekort.

You can add a commuter area to an existing Rejsekort Personal or order a new Rejsekort with a commuter area on it.

If you need to commute in certain zones at a fixed price and would still like to travel outside your chosen commuter area, you must add a commuter area to your Rejsekort. This requires you to have a Rejsekort Personal.

Add a commuter area to an existing Rejsekort
Log in to our Self Service, choose the card that you would like to add a commuter area to, and click “Season Pass” to start the order process. Then, choose your commuter zones and your period length.

When you have ordered your commuter area, the order must be transferred to your Rejsekort. This is done by checking in or by inserting the card into a Rejsekort vending machine. The next time you check in within your commuter zones, your commuter period will be activated. Be aware that the wait is up to 5 hours for stations and 24 hours for busses, before the transaction is complete. 

The reason why you must have money on your card is because you have to check in and out on all of your journeys. Also within your commuter area.

When you travel outside your commuter area, you must always have a balance on the card that covers at least the prepayment for a journey for your customer type. For an adult, that amount is 25 kr.

As you are already travelling at a lower price in your commuter area, you will not earn a quantity discount in these zones. You will, however, do so when you travel outside your commuter area—provided that you travel in areas in which quantity discounts are offered.

ændrekort Commuter Pass

With a Commuter Pass, you prepay a fixed price to be able to travel in your chosen zones for a selected period.

You cannot add money to a Commuter Pass; you can only renew the periods on it.

Only check in, never check out
With a Commuter Pass, you only have to check in when travelling by bus or when you are activating a new period.

You do not have to check out on your journeys.

tilføj Season Pass overview

Do you have a Rejsekort with a commuter area or a Commuter Pass? Do you need to see which commuter zones you have chosen? Would you like to know when your period expires?

Log in to our Self Service, insert your card into a Rejsekort vending machine, or use the Rejsekort Status app.

forny Renewal of periods

If you would like to avoid renewing the periods yourself, set up a renewal agreement that automatically renews the periods on your card.

You can set up the renewal agreement through our Self Service. Just remember to activate the next period each time the previous one expires. You can do that simply by checking in.

With a renewal agreement, a period will always last for 30 days.

Log in to our Self Service to renew your period. Remember to transfer a new period to your card by activating it when the previous period has expired. You can do so simply by checking in.

If you activate a period on a date later than the chosen renewal date, the period will still have started on the chosen renewal date.

If you do not activate a new period, your ticket will not be valid.

You do not have to activate a new period before you actually need to travel in your commuter area. Therefore, you do not have to pay for the days on which you are not commuting unless you have chosen to renew the period for a specific date.

If you travel outside your commuter area with a Rejsekort with a commuter area, you will not activate a new period when checking in.

You may have a period waiting on your card while you have another period activated. The new period cannot be activated before the previous one has expired.

If a period has been activated, the value of the days past is deducted plus the value of eight days of travelling. The remaining amount will be paid into your NemKonto.

You can get your unused days reimbursed by ordering the reimbursement through our self service or by contacting Rejsekort Customer Service at 70 11 33 33. Note that it costs eight days worth of traveling, if you order the reimbursement.

You can also stop by selected Rejsekort retailers to get help.

If you want to change your period to another commuter area, before it expires, you need to reach a retailer that offers such a change. Remember that your rejsekort with commuter area must be checked out in your commuter area before the exchange can take place.

See our retailers here.

barn Season Pass for children

As an adult, you must be registered as both a user and a parent through our Self Service to order a Rejsekort with a commuter area or a Commuter Pass for your child. It is possible to register as a user without ordering a card for yourself.

Learn how to register as a parent or guardian to order a Season Pass for a child

Learn how to order a Rejsekort for a child

You need to have a payment agreement yourself in order to set up a top-up agreement for your child. The agreement charges money for renewals to your payment card via the payment agreement. You must choose to share the payment agreement with each child for whom you wish to set up renewal agreements for. 

Remember that the child must activate the renewal agreement by checking in with the card, and activate new periods by checking in each time a period has expired. You can also use your payment agreement to make a manual renewal on your child's Rejsekort with Commuter Area. 

Learn how to register as a parent or guardian to order a renewal agreement for a child

spær Lost Season Pass

If you would like a new card, you can order a replacement card similar to the one you had, valid in the same zones and with a renewal agreement if you had one. At the same time, any unused days will be transferred to the new card.

Block the lost card and order a replacement card in one go by logging in to our Self Service.

You may also call Rejsekort Customer Service at 70 11 33 33. If you would like to order a replacement card, you must call us during opening hours: on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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