How to apply

Here is all the information that you need to apply for a Rejsekort Corporate.

Choose a contact person.

The contact person applies for and administers a Rejsekort Corporate on behalf of the workplace.


Choose a public transport operator.

You must apply for a Rejsekort Corporate through a public transport operator. No matter which operator you choose, you will be able to travel across the country as you like.


Enter into a general agreement.

The contact person will receive a general agreement from the public transport operator, ensures the agreement is signed, and return it for approval.


Order a Rejsekort Corporate.

The contact person will receive an email with a link to order the cards. You will receive the requested cards by mail within 7-10 days after ordering them.

hand 2

Help your colleagues.

The contact person will hand out the cards and help colleagues to get started with using the Rejsekort Corporate.


Ready to order?

As soon as you have chosen a contact person, you are ready to order.

Order now