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Problems with Check Out

24. Oct 2019 kl. 16:01
Unfortunately, we are experiencing problems with Check Udvej

Problems using NemID

Due to server problems, we experience various errors with NemID. The problem is greatest early in the day (between 5am and 10am). We therefore recommend that you try again later.

If it still doesn't work, delete the app and install it again.

There is no missing check information in the app

The error is also due to the server problem. You are responsible for making the correct check-in and check-out and registration if necessary. failure to check out in Check Udvej. On your travel history at reisekort.dk/self service, you can see if there is a missing check out. Failure to check out can be registered up to 14 days from the start of the journey.

It is not possible to log in and approve / reject price in the app

Sign-ups for approval are 8 days, please try again later.

After 8 days, the system automatically approves the price.

You cannot click "Next" when registering via the web

We recommend using Google Chrome for Checkout. The button may take some time to load.

Enrollment is rejected

There may be several reasons why your application will be rejected.

Before contacting Travel Card Customer Center, check out the self service section under 'My Travels' and make sure:

A check out is missing
You have chosen the right rejsekort number
You have chosen the right day
You have chosen the right place for missing check out
You have chosen the right time
If not, you can re-enroll up to 14 days after your journey begins with the correct information.