Changes to your retirement card January 17, 2021

1. Dec 2020 kl. 11:28

Changes to your retirement card

January 17, 2021, a new pension reform that will bring about some changes for you as a pensioner will take effect.

The pension reform applies to:

  • Pensioners (= old-age pensioners)
  • Disability pensioners, including senior pensioners, senior disability pensioners and recipients of social disability pension in other countries.

25 % discount will be introduced on travel with Rejsekort with customer type ‘Pensioner’ and a further 20 % on travels outside rush hour. The discount will automatically be deducted from the price of your travels from January 17, 2021 if your Rejsekort is with customer type 'Pensioner'.

We recommend Rejsekort Personal with customer type 'Pensioner' for you who travel occasionally and in different areas. With Rejsekort, you can travel throughout the country without taking into account zones and rush hour.

If you have reached the age of 65, you can buy your Rejsekort Personal at www.rejsekort.dk on Self Service, where you must choose the customer type ‘Pensionier’ when purchasing. If you are an early retiree, you must order with an invoice. You can order it here. You can also receive an order form by calling Rejsekort Customer Center on 70 11 33 33 (weekdays 8-18 and Saturdays 10-15).

If you already have a Rejsekort Personal and are 65 years old, you can change the customer type on Rejsekort to ‘Pensionier’ at Self Service. If you are an early retiree, you must contact Rejsekort Customer Center.

If you are in doubt about your customer type, you can see it on Self Service at www.rejsekort.dk. You can also see your customer type at Rejsekort vending Machines around the country's stations or by calling Rejsekort Customer Center.

The changes mean i.a. also that the pensioner card (mimrekortet) is preserved, but with harmonized prices, so that everyone pays the same in the entire DOT area and that Midtsjælland gets a new large zone area, and there will be new rules for age limits and barring time.