Remember to reorder your rejsekort before it expires

31. Jul 2019 kl. 11:06

Your rejsekort has a five year lifespan, after which it stops working and needs to be replaced. Either with a similar rejsekort - or a brand new card. When your rejsekort expires, you can order a new one. If you do so before the expiration date, you get a replacement card similar to what you have – and you can travel as usual.

Reorder a card similar to what you have

You will receive an email about one and a half months before your rejsekort expires. This gives you time to order your replacement card well in advance, so you can get your customer type, agreements and discount levels transferred to the replacement card. If you have a commuter period on your card, this will also be transferred to the replacement card. You can start using the new card before the old one expires and will experience no overlap or problems.

If there is no link to an order page in the mail we send you, you can order a replacement card by logging in to our Self Service and choosing “Replace rejsekort” in the left side menu. It only takes a few clicks.

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Pay with your Payment Agreement
If you have a top up agreement on the Rejsekort that expires, you pay for the replacement card via your payment agreement. Alternatively, you can pay by payment card or invoice.

If you want to know when your Rejsekort expires, you can enter the card number on our website. You can also check the expiration date by logging in to Self Service or entering your card in a Rejsekort vending machine.

Order a brand new travel card
When your Rejsekort expires, you can also choose to order a brand new card.
If you had a Rejsekort Personal, however, you must block the old card before you can order a new one. In some cases it can take up till 14 days before you receive your brand new Rejsekort. During that period, you will either need to use a different Rejsekort or buy tickets for your journeys.

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