Check udvej

profil Contact person

Access to the Check Udvej Business Portal is initially given through a 'sign-up' link given to the contact person. When the contact person has gained access and chosen a password, the Business Portal can be accessed through a normal login.

The contact person is responsible for the administration of the company's agreement, as well as the missing check outs. The contact person therefore uses the Business Portal to submit missing check outs on behalf of the company.

It is not possible to change the info of the contact person in the Business Portal. If you need to change the information of the contact person or wishes to change contact person entirely, it can only happen by contacting the traffic company which the agreement has been made with.

It is only possible to have one contact person for an agreement with Rejsekort Corporate. If there is a need for several employees to submit missing check outs, the contact person can register one or several Business Portal users.

If you have several agreements as a contact person, you can at the beginning of the Business Portal choose which agreement to submit missing check outs for. When you have logged in to the Business Portal, you have the option in the upper right corner to switch between the agreements.

dokumenter Tasks

You can unsolocitedly submit a missing or prevented check out until 14 days after the journey was begun. The price for the submitted journey with the missing check out will, after being approved, be visible in the monthly journey-history.
You can submit a missing or prevented check out, even if the journey has not been registered in the Business Portal. Use "check out for another journey" under the task-menu.

hand 2 Card users

If your company has a lot of cards, you might experience that not all the cards can be viewed in the Business Portal. That is due to a limitation in the number of viewable cards, but it has no actual influence on whether or not you can use the search function to find your cards.