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Forgotten to check out?

22. Jul 2019 kl. 10:00

Did you forget to check out at the end of a journey? If you have a Rejsekort Personal or Rejsekort Flex you can use your smartphone to submit the forgotten check out. You can also submit a check out here: 

Check Udvej

The Check Out app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, create a user by following the guided steps. With the app you can easily submit check outs, if you should forget to check out at the end of a journey.

Check out within 14 days

If you find out that you have forgotten to check out at the end of a journey, you must submit a check out within 14 days of the end of the journey in question. Just enter the place and time of the check out you missed. And choose if you forgot to check out or were prevented.

The price of your journey will be calculated

In the Customer Service Center, your submissionwill be compared to the information on your Rejsekort. If there is a match, a price of journey is calculated. The price will be based on your check in, the check out you have submitted, the length of your journey, the travel time and any discount level. The decision is sent to you as a notification.

The price will be corrected when traveling

You can approve or reject the calculated price of journey. If you approve it, the difference between the prepayment and the calculated price will be balanced out the next time you travel. If you reject the calculation, your trip has cost you the prepayment that was deducted from your Rejsekort when you checked in. You also risk your submitted check out not being valid anymore.

How to submit a check out with the Check Out app

  1. Please enter the missing check out information.
  2. We match your submission with the information from your Rejsekort.
  3. You approve the calculated price and have the payment corrected the next time you travel.