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More metro costs a little bit more - also when you travel with Rejsekort

13. Sep 2019 kl. 13:42
When the City Circle Line opens, the Metro travel surcharge travel will come into effect. Learn more about what that means for you.

In the 2005 principal agreement regarding the establishment of a City Circle Line, and in the City Circle Line’s 2007 legal framework, it was decided that a surcharge would be charged for Metro customers when the City Circle Line opened.

The surcharge is intended as part of the financing of the City Circle Line.

Only passengers using the Metro will pay the surcharge.

The surcharge is DKK 1.60 during peak hours and DKK 1.28 outside peak hours. The amount is added to the normal fare, and customers just have to check in and out as they usually do.

The Rejsekort Commuter Pass allows passengers to deselect Metro. If you do not deselect Metro, the surcharge costs DKK 80 for 30 days.

Rejsekort with Season Pass holders do not pay a special surcharge in advance, but DKK 1.60/1.28 extra will be charged per journey with a maximum ceiling of DKK 80 for 30 days.

See what this means for you