Change in price and validity zone on Commuter Cards on Rejsekort on journeys across Elsinore

11. Nov 2020 kl. 04:52

On December 13, 2020, there will be a change, in the zones on some Commuter Cards. The zones do not contain zone 5, which is necessary to use Lokalbanen to and from Hornbæk station to Elsinore and Kystbanetoget further from Elsinore station

If you want to travel via Elsinore station, you must follow the instructions below.

How do I do it?

To have the zone added to your Commuter Card, when your current commuter period expires, you must order a new commuter period. You can easily reuse your physical card, but you have to enter your profile on Rejsekort Self Service and search where you want to travel from and to again, then the zone will be added automatically. You do the following:


  • Log on Self Service on www.rejsekort.dk
  • Go to 'My Rejsekort' on the left side of the menu
  • Click on 'Commuter Card'
  • Then click on 'Add Commuter Card'
  • Then follow the instructions

I have a renewal agreement on my Commuter Card

If you have a renewal agreement, stop this before the commuter period expires. You stop the renewal agreement by logging in to your profile on Rejsekort Self Service

You must be aware that you must use your Rejsekort or put it in a Rejsekort Vending Machine to stop the renewal agreement:

  • If you are traveling by train or using a Rejsekort Vending Machine, the order is ready to be transfered at the earliest 5 hours after ordering.
  • If you are going by bus, the order is ready to be transfered at the earliest 24 hours after the booking

Remember if you hold a green Commuter Card you must check in.