Change the payment card

If the payment card that is being charged for your renewal or top-up agreement expires, you must attach a new payment card to the payment agreement.

Log in to our Self Service

Use either a username and password or MitID to access the overview of your cards.


Choose "Payment agreements"

Choose “Payment agreements” in the left-hand side menu.

Update your payment card

Click “Change” under “My agreements” at the bottom of the screen.

Now you should see an overview of all the agreements that you are paying for with your payment card and payment agreements. The new payment card will automatically be attached to all of your existing agreements (both top-up and renewal agreements).


Enter the new card information

Submit the new payment card information to NETS, with whom you are entering into the payment agreement, and click on “Register”.


Two-factor authentication

(You will have to confirm your purchase for 1.00 DKK. The amount will not be withdrawn from your account, but only reserved to ensure that the payment agreement works.)

You are now ready to two-factor authenticate with MitID.


You will get a confirmation notice

A confirmation notice will show up on the screen; you will also receive it by email.
Click on “Next” to complete this step.


Your payment card has been updated

From now on, the payments for all of your agreements will be charged to the new payment card.

Note hat your payment card needs to be transferred, by checking in with your card. It can take up to 5 hours for stations and 24 hours for busses, before the change is transferred.