priser Card price

The card price covers the issuance of the card.

If you lose a Rejsekort Corporate, a new card will cost 50 kr. to issue no matter how the card is lost. When the card expires (after five years), it will also cost 50 kr. to issue a new one. The contact person will be able to see which cards are about to expire in the overview.

tankop Automatic top-up

The top-up agreement will automatically transfer 1,000 kr. to the card as soon as the balance drops below 200 kr.

The agreement is activated the first time that a card is used on a journey, and has a maximum of six top-ups a day.

The top-up agreements are entered into with the public transport operator that administers the general agreement of the workplace. The payment for the top-up agreements will take place continually.

Behind the top-up agreement is a payment agreement
Payment can only take place via EAN or BS agreements. A BS agreement must be approved by NETS. The approval takes place with the change of month, and consequently it may take up to 30 days before the agreement is in place.

The workplace may enter into several general agreements with the same CVR and EAN number. This way, the invoices can be divided between the various departments; each department can choose to have its own contact person, or the departments can have a shared contact person.

saldo Credit limit

The public transport operator with which you have a general agreement will determine a maximum top-up amount per month for your Rejsekort Corporate.

If you need to increase the credit limit of the workplace, the contact person must contact the public transport operator with which the general agreement has been entered into. This could be the case, for example, if the employees start travelling more often or if you need to order extra cards for new employees.

hand 6 Payment for travels

The overview of all journeys made by the workplace cards is sent in a PDF format by email to the contact person.

The overview will contain:

  • The details of each journey
  • The price of the journeys
  • Information regarding any time or/and quantity discounts
  • An overview of automatic top-ups
  • An overview of active and inactive cards
  • The expiration dates of cards
  • Forgotten check-outs

Delay of the registration of journeys
Journeys can be shown with a delay of up to 40 days with most public transport operators. However, if you choose to enter into a general agreement with DSB, you will be able to get journey overviews with only a two-day delay.

Write to dsberhverv@dsb.dk or call DSB Corporate at 24 68 00 50.

The employee can always see the balance and the most recent journeys on a card by inserting it into a Rejsekort vending machine at a station. The balance is also shown on the screen of the card reader when checking out at the end of a journey.

When the balance of the card falls below 200 kr., each automatic top-up will transfer 1,000 kr. to the card.

See the balance through the Rejsekort Status app
With the Rejsekort Status app, you can see the expiration date of the card, the balance, and when the card was last used.

Get the Rejsekort Status app from where you normally download your apps.

For each automatic top-up, a 1,000 kr. is charged.

Neither the card price nor top-up agreements can be paid for using a payment card.

An electronic invoice will be issued each time a card has been topped up automatically. If more cards are topped up in the same day, the top-up amounts are compiled into the same invoice.

EAN invoices are sent out in XML format and contain card numbers as well as the time and place of the top-up.

If an agreement is set up with an EAN number, invoices will automatically be sent to the electronic mailbox attached to the EAN number in question.

Problems with reading an EAN invoice

If you cannot read all the fields of an EAN invoice, maybe the program that you are using to read the XML files does not read the field in which the card number is stated. This problem can be solved by using the “standard print” of the Moderniseringsstyrelsen.

Waiting up to 30 days for ordered cards
It may take up to 30 days before cards ordered with a BS payment for top-up agreements can be issued. The reason for this is that the BS agreement must be approved by NETS, and this does not take place until the change of month.

Changing the account information of BS agreements
If you as the contact person would like to change the account information of a BS agreement, you must contact the public transport operator that administers your general agreement.

A BS agreement is cancelled if unused for 15 months
If a BS agreement is not used within a period of 15 months, NETS will automatically cancel the agreement. If this means that subsequent payments for the automatic top-up amounts fail, the contact person will be informed.

The contact person will then have to set up a new payment agreement by writing to the public transport operator with which the workplace has an agreement.

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