ændrekort Before ordering

The contact person enters into a general agreement and orders and administers all cards on behalf of the workplace.

Moreover, the contact person is responsible for helping colleagues start using Rejsekort Corporate.

Should the workplace get a new contact person, the public transport operator must be informed of the change in writing.

The general agreement is entered into between the contact person and the public transport operator from which you have chosen to order a Rejsekort Corporate. If you enter into the agreement with DSB, you will be able to receive journey information with a two days' delay compared to a standard of 40 days with other operators.

The general agreement establishes a maximum number of cards and a credit limit for the total top-up amount per month for the workplace. Both can be raised according to need—and through communication with the chosen public transport operator. You may enter into several general agreements with the same CVR or EAN number if, for example, there are several departments in the company.

The general agreement is filled in, signed, scanned, and uploaded. After the upload, the contact person is sent a link to order the cards.

Start ordering

bestilling Order card

The contact person will receive a link to an order form and will then request the number of cards needed and which customer types the cards should be issued with.

After placing the order, the contact person will receive the cards by mail within 7 to 10 days. Travellers will then be ready to go by bus, train, and metro.

If you need more cards, you must contact the public transport operator with which you have a general agreement. Your contact person will then receive an email with a link to an order form.

The maximum number of cards and your credit limit are fixed in the general agreement that you have entered into. If you need to increase them, you must contact the public transport operator with which you have an agreement. If you are unsure of which public transport operator you have an agreement with, please call Rejsekort Customer Service at 70 11 33 33 and press “5” for assistance with your Rejsekort Corporate.

checkin Card settings

The customer type is adjusted according to whether a child or an adult will be using the card. The setting is marked with a “V” or “B” that is printed on the front of the card. You can still travel together as a group—even with different customer types—on one card.

You can always see the settings of a card by inserting it into a Rejsekort vending machine or by using the Rejsekort Status app.

Choose “DSB 1'” or “Standard
When you order a Rejsekort Corporate, you must also choose whether the card should be set to journeys in “DSB 1'” whenever possible. This setting can only be chosen for the Adult” customer type and will be marked with a “1” printed on the front of the card. If you do not choose “DSB 1'”, the card will be set for “Standard” journey. 

A Rejsekort Corporate is issued with a top-up agreement, which automatically transfers 1,000 kr. when the balance of the card drops below 200 kr. The card has a top-up maximum of six times a day.

An employee can choose to change the settings of the card so that you, for example, can travel in “DSB 1” whenever possible. The change is made via a Rejsekort vending machine at selected stations.

You can also change the customer type temporarily either through a Rejsekort vending machine or with the bus driver’s help.

The change is cancelled when the journey is ended by checking out.

As many as 29 travellers can travel on one card. If you are going by train, just use the check-in extra card reader at the station. In the bus, ask the driver for assistance. The setting will be cancelled when checking out.

If you travel with children under the age of 12, specific rules apply to how many children you can bring for free and how many you are supposed to pay for. 

Calculate the price for a group here.

The chosen customer type is printed on the front of the card, whereas the other card settings can be seen by using a Rejsekort vending machine or the Rejsekort Status app. You can also see the expiration date of a card, the balance, and when it was last used.

forny Reorder Rejsekort

The monthly spending overview also states the expiration date of each card. When a card is about to expire, the contact person can order a new card from the public transport operator that administers the general agreement.

You can block a Rejsekort Corporate by contacting the public transport operator that has issued the card and that also administers the general agreement of the workplace. You can block a card 24 hours a day at 70 11 33 33.

If you are calling within the Customer Service’s opening hours, press “1” and then “2” to block a Rejsekort Corporate; if you are calling outside opening hours, press “2”.

Transferring a discount level to a new Rejsekort
If you block a lost card between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on weekdays, your contact person can order a new card with the same discount level if needed. Please note that only the contact person can reorder.

profil The role of the contact person

The contact person will enter into a general agreement on behalf of the workplace, order its cards, and receive monthly overviews of the usage of the Rejsekort Corporate. The contact person is also responsible for handing out cards to colleagues and for informing them of the use of the cards. It is also the contact person who oversees communication with the public transport operator with whom the general agreement has been entered into, e.g. in case of a change to the agreement.

If you are the contact person and you are about to transition into a new job position, it is important that you hand over the role and responsibility to a colleague and also inform the public transport operator of the change. Hand over the general agreement as well as your customer and case numbers to your successor. This way, it will be much easier for all parties to continue the cooperation.

Send this link to your colleagues so that they can learn more about using a Rejsekort Corporate.

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