Submit as a child

We help you use Check Out, if your card is connected to a guardian.

Please note that the guardian itself needs a valid Rejsekort before the guardian can give the child permission to use Check Udvej. The guardian can register the child's card from their own Check Udvej app. All the guardian's own Rejsekort and the child's Rejsekort associated with the guardian, can be found on the guardian's Check Udvej app under menu item: "Profile". If it should be possible for the child to register on his Rejsekort himself, follow the steps below.

Insert card number

If you insert a card number which is connected to a guardian, you will need to ask for permission from the guardian to submit a check out. 

Await confirmation

When you have sent in the request, you will need to wait for the guardian to accept it. In the meantime you can view your request under 'Status'.

If the guardian cannot see the request, the guardian must uninstall the app from their phone and then reinstall the app again. Please be aware that in some cases the guardian must restart the guardians phone, and that it can take up to 24 hours before the guardian can reinstall Check Udvej App.

Confirm the request

The guardian has now recieved a notification. The guardian must then access their Check Udvej app and confirm (or deny) the request. When that is done, the child can now submit a check out on their own.