First time with Check Udvej

We help you install Check Udvej and make your first submission.

Add a Rejsekort Product

When you have installed Check Udvej you have to go to the menu and then access 'Profile'. Here you can add your rejsekort products. If you have several cards, they will automatically be added, after you've added the first card.

Verify with MitID

If it is your first time using Check Udvej, you will be asked to verify yourself via MitID. The request will appear automatically, after you have written your card-number.

If you are a child or want to submit on behalf of your child, follow the alternative guide.

Read more about the alternative guide here.

Finish your profile setup

When you have verified yourself, you will be asked to choose a 4 digit pin number. You will be using this code henceforth, when you are accessing Check Udvej. Afterwards you will have to accept the terms of use. When that is done, you will be able to see your Rejsekort products under 'Profile'. 

Submit Check Out

You now have the option to submit a check out. Here you must choose the right card, where you forgot to check out and the time of your arrival. The system will automatically find the corresponding check-ind, that fits the end of your journey. You will then be asked whether you forgot to check out or if you were hindered from doing so.

If you were prevented from properly checking out, you will be asked to write the exact platform and track where your journey ended. This is to help us find and repair malfunctioning equipment on stations and busses.

Wait for the submission to be processed

When you have finished your submission, you will have to wait for it to be processed. You can find all your submissions under "'Status'. If your submission is approved, you will be asked to confirm the calculated price for the journey. Afterwards the proper amount will be transferred/withdrawn from your card.