How to use the Commuter Pass

If you travel by bus, train, or metro in the same zones frequently, a Commuter Pass might be the cheapest option for you.
The cost of travelling in your area depends on where and how often you travel. Click here, choose ‘Periodekort’ and check your price (note that this site is in danish).
No checking out

No checking out

With a Commuter Pass you do not have to worry about forgetting to check out.

  • On the bus you have to check in – but not out
  • On train and metro you do not have to check in or out


You can renew your Commuter Pass in two ways

Renewal agreement:
  • Your period is always 30 days.
  • Your Commuter Pass is automatically renewed when the current period expires
  • You do not have to renew your period via the Online Self-service every time your Commuter Pass expires
  • You activate a new period by checking in inside your selected area
Manual renewal:
  • The period is optional with a duration of 30-180 days
  • You can renew a period before a current period expires
  • When your period expires you have to remember to renew it yourself. You do that via the Online Self-service or at a rejsekort retailer
  • A new period is activated by checking in inside your selected area. If you renew your period via the Online Self-service remember to do so in advance since a new period cannot be activated until 5 hours after your online renewal at stations – and 24 hours in buses.
Note: Do not attempt to top up / reload your Commuter Pass. If you do that your card will be blocked.

Activate your period whenever you like

You choose when to activate a new period. If, for example, your Commuter Pass expires just before a weekend or holiday you can await activating it until you have to use your card again. No matter how you chose to renew your Commuter Pass the new period is not activated until you have checked in on a card reader.

You do not have a valid ticket until you have activated your period.

Order a Commuter Pass

Check out our guide on how to buy a Commuter Pass for you as an adult (16+) / child (15 years old) eller til dit child (0-14 years old).