Rejsekort Flex

The Rejsekort you can share with family and friends.
Card price 50 kr.
  • Access to Online Self-service
  • Can be freezed if your card is lost or stolen
  • No special discounts

Rejsekort Flex Available for

Adult (16+ years old)

Child (0-15 years old)


When you buy a Rejsekort Flex, you register as the card holder but you can share your card with others. What is more, everyone who uses the card helps earn discounts on it. Don't forget to change your customer type to match the person using the card, e.g. a child travelling on a Rejsekort Flex card travels at a cheaper rate than an adult travelling on the same card. Rejsekort Flex gives you access to Online Self-service at You can also freeze your rejsekort account online if your card is lost or stolen. And you can set up a reload agreement, which means you always have credit on your rejsekort account.  

You get an introductory discount in the first month when you buy Rejsekort Flex.