Rejsekort Anonymous

Anyone can buy and travel on a Rejsekort Anonymous.
Card price 80 kr.
  • Can be shared with others
  • Can be bought and used instantly
  • Unavailable online
  • No special discounts

Rejsekort Anonymous Available for

Adult (16+ years old)

Child (0-15 years old)

Rejsekort Anonymous is ideal if you don't wish to give us your personal data when you order a rejsekort. You can share a Rejsekort Anonymous with others. If the card is lost or stolen, the card and the balance on the account will be lost. You get less discount on Rejsekort Anonymous than you get when you travel on other types of rejsekort. When you buy a Rejsekort Anonymous, you deposit a sum of money to cover the cost of travel. You cannot buy Rejsekort Anonymous online. Rejsekort Anonymous is available from selected points of sale.

NB: If you plan to take a longer journey using a Rejsekort Anonymous, you have to change the setting on your card to "national journey". If you fail to do this, your card will not be considered a legally valid travel document. To change the setting on your card, go to a Rejsekort ATM or point of sale. Find out which journeys are "national journeys".