Customer forms in english

If you don't have a payment card, a Danish cpr-number or a Danish home address, you cannot purchase a Rejsekort online. This is also the case if you have a secret home address.
Instead, you need to download and complete one of the forms below. You can also contact Rejsekort Customer Service at (+45) 7011 3333, and we will send the form to you. Finally you can get the form at our rejsekort retailers.

New costumer: 
Fill out this form if you are not a rejsekort customer 

New card or reload agreement:
Fill out this form to order a new card or a reload agreement 

No Danish CPR and no Danish home address: 
As foreign customer with no Danish CPR (personal identification) number, and no Danish home address you need to fill out the following form: 
Customer identification form

After you have found the relevant form for your individual case you need to print out the form, fill in the necessary information and send it in. No matter which form you choose you need to send the filled in information to:

Rejsekort Kundecenter
Postboks 363
2630 Taastrup


When we recieve the form, we can register you as a new user, and give you access to the self-service platform at rejsekort.dk. Once you get access to the self-service platform you can use it to purchase a rejsekort. When you are registered, you can log on to your self-service account with the user name sent to you by e-mail followed by your personal password.