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How to order a new period without metro

25. Oct 2019 kl. 09:58

You can opt out of the subway yourself when ordering a period. It requires that you buy a new period instead of renewing your period.

  • Before you can buy a new period, your current period must be expired for the action to be able to transfer.
  • To order a new period, press the "Order New Commuter Area".
  • If you are traveling in Zealand (all east) on a shorter distance (under 7 zones), we recommend that you use the zone map to select your zones. That way, you are sure to get the right zones. If you are travelling over a longer distance (7+ zones), we reccomend you pick a start- and end station. The card will then give you the necessary zones for the trip and you won't be charged extra for alternative routes between the two stations.
  • Along the way in the order flow, you will be asked if it should apply to the metro and here you must click in: Valid for metro: No.

You do not order a new Commuter card, but add a new period on your existing card.