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Is your Rejsekort ready to travel? Use a Rejsekort Vending Machine

8. Apr 2021 kl. 16:29

Spring is just beginning and there is hope that there will be less coronary restrictions. With fewer restrictions, there will be increased travel activity.

If you have not used your Rejsekort for a long time or you do not use it very often, you can make sure that your Rejsekort is ready to travel by either putting it in a Rejsekort Vending Machine or making a check in followed by a check out.

In this way, you ensure that your Rejsekort is completely up to date - that your top up order, approved registrations in Check Udvej, change of customer type or whatever else you have of orders and changes to your Rejsekort have been transferred - and again ready for travel in it public transport.