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Order a replacement card

We help you with replacing your Rejsekort, if it's about to expire.

Go to the menu for replacement card

If your card is about to expire you should go to "replace card" in the left menu.



Choose which card to replace

On the next page you need to choose which card you want to replace and if you want to use your current Rejsekort, until it expires. Then click "Next".

Accept the terms and conditions

When you have chosen the card which you want to replace, you will be shown the settings of the replaced card - this includes commuter area, top-up agreement and the price to get the card replaced. If you agree to the terms and conditions, press accept.

Note that your replacement card costs 50 DKK to order, besides the 100 DKK you need to place on your card: The technical lifespan of a Rejsekort is typically around 5 five years, just like an ordinary payment card. Afterwards technical errors will start to emerge more frequently, which makes the cards unstable and in need of replacement. The 50 DKK is to pay for the costs, that the traffic companies have when preparing your replacement card.

Choose payment card

You now need to choose the payment card, which you want to pay for your replacement card with. If you choose an existing payment card, you can move on to bullet 7.

Type in your payment information

Type in your payment information to finish your purchase.



Two-factor authentication

You are now ready to two-factor authenticate with one of the following methods:

  • NemID key app: Type in your NemID login information in the box that appears, and press 'Next'. If possible, press 'Switch to key app', and press 'Send'. Accept via the NemID key app on your smartphone.
  • SMS code: Press 'SMS+code'. Type the one-time code you have received via SMS, as well as the code you made, when you signed up for SMS+code. Press 'Confirm'.
  • NemID key viewer: Type in your NemID login information in the box that appears, and press 'Next'. If possible, press 'Switch to key viewer', and type in the code form your key viewer. Press 'Log in'.

View confirmation

When you have typed in your payment information you will recieve a confirmation for your purchase.