Add a commuter period to your Rejsekort

We help you add a commuter period to your Rejsekort and prepare you to start commuting.

Log in to our Self Service

Please use either a user name and password or MitID.




Add a commuter period to your card

Choose the card that you want to add a commuter period to. Click on "Periodekort" under the relevant card. If you already have an active commuter period and instead want to add a renewal agreement, you need to use this alternative guide.  



Confirm your choice of card

You are now at the menu where you choose a commuter period. Confirm your choice of card and then click "Add commuter period".

Disclaimer: If you have recovered your period due to Corona, you need to use "Order new commuter area" to be able to use the same zones on your card.



Choose your zones

You now have the option of choosing the commuter area you want for your commuter period. You can choose a start and end location. You can also mark the zones you wish to commute in, given that you're traveling on Zealand. The system will then mark the necessary zones, so that you can get from A to B. 



Choose renewal and length of commuter period

Choose between a renewal agreement and manual renewal. With a renewal agreement your card automatically gets a new commuter period each month and the payment will happen automatically through your payment agreement. By choosing manual renewal you need to renew your period yourself each time the past commuter period has expired. You can also choose if you want to travel with DSB 1' on regional trains.



Choose traffic company for your payment agreement

When you have created a payment agreement you need to choose a traffic company that manages your agreement. The choice of traffic company has no actual impact on how you travel and you can still use all methods of transportation.


Approve the price of the commuter period

When you have chosen a traffic company you will be able to see the monthly pricing for the zones you have chosen. If you are in agreement with the price you need to declare your consent and press accept.


Type in your payment information

If you don't have a payment agreement attached to your card you need to type in your payment information. 



Two-factor authentication

After you have typed in your payment information, you are ready to two-factor authenticate with MitID.


View confirmation

When you have typed in your payment information you will see a confirmation for your purchase of the period. You are now ready to use the commuter period the next time you check in on a bus or station. 

Note that the the purchase needs to be transferred to the chip in your card. Therefore, you can't activate your period before 5 hours have passed when checking in on a station and 24 hours when checking in inside busses.