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Refund of period

13. Mar 2020 kl. 09:24

The public transport operators have decided that due to the current situation anyone with a Commuter card on rejsekort or a rejsekort with a Commuter Combi can get a refund for their entire remaining period.

This can only be done by contacting Rejsekort Customer Center on telephone +45 70 11 33 33. You must wait until you do not need your commuter period. So if you need to use it later today, or on the weekend, then wait to call.

Please note that you must have your card in contact with equipment in order for the period to be removed and you can have the amount refunded. ”

If you have the green commuter card you need to check in.
If you have a rejsekortd with commuter combi, check in and then out again.

This applies until further notice.

 Due to the unusual circumstances, we experience extrodinary pressure on the telephones. Please be patient or try again later.