Check in and go

Every journey starts with check in
Every time you begin a journey or change between different means of transport en route to your destination, you must use your rejsekort to check in at a check-in card reader. There are card readers in buses and on stations. The check-in card reader is clearly marked. You can also check in at Rejsekort ATMs on metro stations and DSB stations, etc. where you can use your rejsekort.

Check ind When you check in at the start of your journey, a prepayment is deducted from your rejsekort account. You must have credit on your rejsekort account before you can travel. The balance on your rejsekort account must be at least enough to cover the prepayment on your journey.

How to check in
To check in, hold your rejsekort over the Blue Point on the check-in card reader. When your check-in is registered on the chip on your rejsekort, the card reader emits a positive "bing" tone and an OK message will appear on the display screen. You have now checked in and are ready to travel. If you move your card away from the Blue Point too soon, the chip will not register your check-in. If so, the card reader emits a negative "bong" tone and an error message "Fejl. Prøv igen" (Error - please try again) will appear on the display screen. Hold your rejsekort over the Blue Point until the OK message appears in the display screen and the card reader emits a positive "bing" tone. You have now checked in correctly.

Don't forget to listen for the tone and read the message on the screen when you use rejsekort devices. Then you can be sure that you have checked in and out correctly. 

Check in when changing to another means of transport?
If you change to another means of transport (e.g. from bus to train, from train to metro or from one train to another), you must check in every time you change. If you travel to a destination and are unsure whether you can use your rejsekort, we recommend that you check out every time you change.


Your rejsekort is only a legally valid travel document when you have checked in correctly before the current journey. If you fail to check in correctly before the current journey, you are effectively travelling without a valid travel document and you risk a fine for ticket evasion. For some journeys with Rejsekort Anonymous, you have to change the setting on your card to "a journey between parts of the country" - read more. If you fail to do this, your card will not be a legally valid travel document. To change the setting on your card, go to a Rejsekort ATM.  

If you check out and then check in again in the same travel zone within 30 minutes, rejsekort converts the two separate journeys into one. This means that you avoid paying the minimum two-zone fare applicable for each separate journey.

When in doubt
If you are not certain that you checked in, you can always check out. You can check out free of charge if you check out at the same place as you checked in – within 20 minutes of checking in. If the delay between check-in and check-out is longer than 20 minutes, you have to pay the minimum adult fare (in most areas, a two-zone ticket).