Set up a top-up agreement for a child

To pay for other people’s top-up agreements, you need a payment agreement that you can share. The payment agreement will attach one or more top-up agreements to your payment card.

You can share your payment agreement with your child if they have a Rejsekort and are registered in the system with a CPR number—and if you are registered as their parent/guardian in our Self Service.



Log in to our Self Service.

Use a username and password eller MitID.

Choose “Payment agreements”.

  • Choose “Payment agreements” in the left-hand side menu
  • Click “Share” for the payment card to which you want to charge the payments from the top-up agreement

Choose how you want to use your payment agreement.

Choose how you want to use the shared payment agreement:

  • Top-up agreement
  • Renewal and renewal agreement
  • Top-up agreement, renewal, and renewal agreement

Choose your child.

  • Now choose your child in the drop-down menu. Your child’s CPR number (civil registration number) and your child’s Rejsekort card number are filled in automatically
  • Choose the amount that you would like to top up. Choose how many times a day you want the card to be topped up.
  • Click “Save”

Switch to your child’s user profile.

Now the shared payment agreement can be added to your child’s Rejsekort.

First logout and back in of the self-service to view the top-up agreement for the child. Then log back in and switch to your child’s user profile in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

Choose the top-up agreement.

Click on “Set up top-up agreement”.

Correct the details of the top-up agreement if they are not correct.

Adjust the top-up agreement and add it to your child’s Rejsekort:

  • Adjust the amount and the number of top-ups a day
  • Choose the payment method
  • Click on “Next” to set up the top-up agreement for your child

Note hat the payment agreement needs to be shared from the ground up, if you want to adjust the amount and the number of top-ups per day. The child can't change these settings themselves.

Approve the set-up.

Approve the set-up by accepting the terms and conditions of Rejsekort.

Activate the agreement on the child’s card.

Now the agreement is ready to be transferred to the child’s Rejsekort, and the child will receive a confirmation by email.

The agreement is activated the first time the child uses the Rejsekort. Remember that the card must be used within 30 days of ordering the agreement, otherwise the agreement will be cancelled.

Please note that it may take up to five hours before the top-up agreement is transferred to the child’s Rejsekort if you go by train or metro, and up to five hours if you go by bus.