Create a renewal agreement

We help you create a renewal agreement for your Commuter Combi.

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Go to commuter combi

In order to create a renewal agreement you need to already have an active commuter period on your card. Choose the commuter combi that you want to create a renewal agreement for and then press "commuter period".

If you don't have a card with an active period and want both a period and a renewal agreement, you need to use this alternative guide

Choose renewal agreement

Under your commuter combi you need to choose "renewal agreement".

Create renewal agreement

When you have chosen the menu for renewal agreement, you will see a list of your cards with and without a renewal agreement. Choose the relevant card without an agreement and click on "create renewal agreement".

Add payment agreement

When you create a renewal agreement you also need a payment agreement, if you don't alreadsy have one.

When you have created a payment agreement you need to choose a traffic company that manages your agreement. The choice of traffic company has no actual impact on how you travel and you can still use all methods of transportation.

Confirm renewal agreement

You now need to accept the terms and conditions and confirm the creation of your renewal agreement.

Type in your payment information

If you dont have a payment agreement attached to your card you need to type in your payment information. 

View confirmation

When you have typed in your payment information you will see a confirmation for your creation of the renewal agreement.