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Some travels west of Storebælt may be calculated incorrectly - we have begun refunds

10. Aug 2021 kl. 10:12

Some customers who receive a volume discount experience that the price of travel is calculated incorrectly. The error can affect customers traveling west of Storebælt.

On 14 July 2021, refunds for the month of June have been paid. They have been ordered for payment and are on their way to NemKonto.

Any missing discount for travels in the month of July will be paid around August 10th. All customers and all Rejsekort will be refunded missing discount as long as the error is experienced. The refund will be paid to NemKonto.

We will send an email with information on how much has been refunded to the email address registered on the Rejsekort profile on Rejsekort Self Service.

On 9 July 2021, we have ordered corrections for June to all affected Rejsekort Anonymous. Rejsekort must be used or placed in a Rejsekort Vending Machine for the amount to be transferred.

Discount levels adapt in line with travels made, and for most customers, discount levels will be normalized after one month of travel. If discount levels for individual customers are not normalized by the end of May, the refund will continue until discount levels are normalized.